International Conference
30, 31 march and 1 april 2023

10:00 – 20:00 HRS Central EUROPEAN SUMMER TimE

Did you notice this paradigm shift in psychology?

Paradigm shifts in psychology appear so often that most psychologists witness more than two during their career. Currently, we are shifting to mental space psychology (MSP). Who has noticed that? Search on Research Gate or Academia for “space” “cognition” and “psychology” and the rise in publications about the fundamental role of space comes to the fore.

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The Society for Mental Space Psychology was amongst the forerunners. The Society was motivated by the great practical use of MSP: acquiring this particular view on the psyche makes any form of psychotherapy far more efficient. In psychotherapy and coaching, space has gained much ground, in the shape of technologies that make use of space, like family constellations, clean space and the social panorama. However, in psychotherapy the awareness of this development is often blurred by the many competing ideologies. Some missed out “space” altogether.  The upcoming conference “Developments in Mental Space Psychology” aims at bringing the advances in this paradigm to the surface. A mixture of presenters from different backgrounds will meet here to make the common denominator in their work , space, stand out. And together we will explore the new developments that become visible and will take the practical implications home.

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Dr. Connirae Andreas

The Wholeness Work: A new psychology of 'awakening' Check the time schedule for timeslot(s). Presentation description: Discover a simple method for transforming our life problems, that leads to what could be called “awakening.” Eastern spirituality includes ideas like “The small self is an illusion. Realize that you are a vast Self,” and “Enlightenment comes through loss […]

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Dr. Lucas Derks

“How the Vision of Mental Space Psychology develops”  Check the time schedule for timeslot(s). Presentation description: First some broad generalizations to orient ourselves. Psychology has abandoned the method of introspection a century ago. What was left was a science fascinated but also caught up with all manner of measuring tools to produce objective facts and […]

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James Lawley

“Space and the body, an intimate relationship”  Check the time schedule for timeslot(s). Presentation description: Our bodies instinctively express themselves in an intimate relationship with both physical space and our mental space. These gestures, lines of sight and whole body movements are mostly not trying to communicate with anyone; rather the body is enabling us […]

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The Society for Mental Space Psychology, SOMSP, is a non profit organisation. The Society aims at  combining scientific and therapeutic knowledge in the field of Mental Space Psychology.

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