Claudie van Ginneken

Increase self-compassion by the Unilateral Improvement of Relationships” 

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If there is any worry that keeps people awake at night most, it would be the worry about relationships.

We all have relationships. For instance, with a life partner, your parents, your friends, and colleagues. And for nobody all of these are flawless.

We can help people express their expectations and learn to communicate in a connecting way. But many problems in relationships originate from earlier experiences and limiting beliefs. In these cases, working with both people in your coaching or therapy is not the most effective approach. By Unilateral Improvement of Relationships, you can help clients experience themselves, each other, and their relationships in a more helpful way.

In this presentation the Mentor technique to improve the client’s self-compassion and thereby improve the relationship will be demonstrated and discussed.

In the Mentor technique, mental space is used alongside of confusion and imagination to form a very kind and I-reinforcing intervention that will enrich your work. It is applicable with clients who suffer from resistance against relationship therapy, with a doubtful self-esteem or who feel very responsible for the other person. This makes it a great technique to work on relationships among other things the relationships within families.


Claudie van Ginneken is a former board member of the Society of Mental Space Psychology and is nowadays active as a SOMSP ambassador and member of the SOMSP Academy. She owns a psychotherapy practice in which she uses psychotherapeutic and clinical hypnosis, NLP, and Unilateral Improvement of Relationships.

Next to her work as a therapist, she is educating a new generation of therapists at several post college training institutes. She teaches subjects like psychosocial therapy, relationship therapy, child therapy, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, regression therapy, medical hypnosis, treatment of psychosomatic disorders, successful practice, and Social Panorama.

She also has her own training location Acute Sense in Arnhem, Netherlands, Here she provides an education on Unilateral Improvement of Relationships. She also offers continuing education for therapists and coaches on several topics, including Social Panorama, therapy on personality parts, hypnotherapy, and building a successful practice.



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