Dr. Connirae Andreas

The Wholeness Work: A new psychology of 'awakening'

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Presentation description:

Discover a simple method for transforming our life problems, that leads to what could be called “awakening.” Eastern spirituality includes ideas like “The small self is an illusion.

Realize that you are a vast Self,” and “Enlightenment comes through loss of the ego.” But what do such statements actually mean? In this session, you’ll learn a precise process of finding and dissolving the everyday sense of the ego.

Benefits include

  • A deep relaxation and resetting of the nervous system
  • A natural melting away of many issues that previously seemed like intractable problems
  • Increased sense of well-being
  • Greater access to a natural wisdom, compassion, humor, and creativity

This new way of working has helped people with insomnia, relationship issues, difficult emotions, and even some physical issues such as chronic pain and premigraine auras. When thoroughly understood, it becomes a comprehensive system of therapy and personal transformation. While remarkably effective in transforming specific “problems,” the greatest benefits come from using the full system of Wholeness Work as a life path of transformation – and yes, even “awakening.”
A difficult time in Connirae’s life led to her developing this method. It has the precision which is the hallmark of NLP, yet goes to a deeper level of experience. If NLP has been about finding the “deep structure” of experience, perhaps we can now access the “deeper structure.”


Connirae Andreas has been an NLP trainer and developer since the early days of NLP. She and partner Steve Andreas helped bring NLP into the mainstream through creating and publishing early books by the NLP developers, Frogs into Princes, Transformation, Reframing, and Using Your Brain. The Andreases are known for refining the original NLP methodologies and formats, making them easier to understand, plus more effective with a wider range of people. Their book, Heart of the Mind: engaging your inner power to change with NLP, offers a clear introduction to the field, and their trainer materials (including the NLP Practitioner Training Trainer Manual) have influenced generations of NLP trainers worldwide. The Andreases were the first to develop structural Timeline work (published in their book, Change Your Mind—and Keep the Change). They also created simple methods for grief resolution, forgiveness, and more.
Connirae Andreas is best known for developing the groundbreaking Core Transformation process, a method of gentle and profound transformation through accessing states of Peace, Oneness, and Presence (1989). Other developments include contributions to language patterns (Advanced Language Patterns audio series), parenting, and Aligning Perceptual Positions. With her most recent development, the Wholeness Work, Connirae once again has created a simple and precise method for experiencing what spiritual teachings talk about, in such a way that it transforms and heals our life “suffering.”

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