Steffi Müller

“Interesting and challenging findings concerning the use of mental space and submodality formats in working with clients who suffer from mental illness.” 

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Presentation description:

Two years ago Steffi Müller presented a method to deal with weak and highly affected clients suffering from severe mental disorders, whom she deals with in the context of her work at Prenzlkomm in Berlin almost every day.

In her new presentation Steffi is going to talk about some interesting and quite challenging findings and results of using submodality work in the field of mental illness. She will present the case of a client with whom she worked out her SELF in a certain context (within her mental space) and will present what happened immediately and also days and weeks afterwards.

What interests Steffi most is to understand the phenomena which may emerge when working with submodalities as well as the question, in which cases caution may be advised, considering that some people seem to have no problems going into this dimension of working with unconscious patterns while others almost dissociate when encountering them. Some clients are not even able to start with this kind of work in the first place. Why?

Steffi will also present more insights into frequent positive results of working with submodalities with clients who suffer from mental illness, based on my own working experience and that of colleagues of mine. Therefore I find it very interesting and necessary to explore the critical points of the submodality work even further. I am looking forward to an interesting discussion after my presentation.

Bio and description Prenzlkomm:

Dipl.-Psych. Steffi Müller is a psychologist and therapist, she has been working at Prenzlkomm for the last 14 years, both with groups as well as individual clients. She has always been interested in the relationship between philosophy, psychology and therapy and the idea of lifelong learning and I was therefore very happy to find like-minded people at Prenzlkomm.

Steffi has taken part in numerous meetings, trainings and conferences on philosophy and therapy to study, practice and to discuss theories and methods of therapy and treatment and will do so in the future. She loves the human ability and option to understand and to change.


Prenzlkomm, founded in 1991, is a psychiatric support network based in Berlin, Germany. Prenzlkomm constantly concerns itself with discussing cases, questioning its methods as well as with the development of new approaches to the treatment of psychiatric cases previously deemed untreatable. It therefore combines a wide range of professional tools, theories and therapeutic methods including NLP, systemic therapy and the concept of the human being as a person as defined by the German philosopher Hermann Schmitz in his New Phenomenology.

The Institute for Prosopiatry is responsible for keeping this new approach alive at Prenzlkomm. Its members actively work on the research, development, and the exchange with other professionals as well as the training of the Prenzlkomm-staff.  

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