Dr. Caitlin Walker Phd

“Space and your sense of self” 

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Presentation description:

When you hear a statement such as ‘I know where I want to go but there’s something holding me back.’ David Grove’s Clean Language allows the facilitator to work directly with the landscape that holds all of those parts.

In this workshop Caitlin will introduce one facet of Clean Space work known as developing pro-noun-scapes - like landscapes but particularly interested in getting spatial locations of pronouns, when related to a recurring problem or a hard to reach outcome.

The process is relatively easy to learn and can be integrated into different kinds of coaching, therapy and facilitation work. It has also been adapted into team and organisational development. 


Caitlin has a long standing passion for creating the conditions for groups and individuals to flourish - She took the Clean Language work of David Grove and developed a group and organisational application known as Systemic Modelling™. She details this approach in her book From Contempt to Curiosity, within innovative and transformational projects across our community from the most dispossessed to leading think tanks. Caitlin has recently been awarded a PhD for her thesis on "Using Clean Language Interviewing to Model Curriculum Design in Higher Education: Curriculum Design is Like What?"

Over the last 25 years Caitlin works with individual systems as well as systems of individuals supporting diverse parts/facets/areas of any system to pay exquisite attention to themselves and to one another to create deep, sustainable systemic changes. All of her work is invitation-led and is an excellent mindset for Agile thinking and shared governance. She has systematically tested and developed her ideas in challenging arenas and her robust products have become sought after learning aids.

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