Jacqueline Heemskerk-Scholten

“Spatial diagnosis, working with goals, food, and fat in mental space to diagnose quickly.” 

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Can Mental Space psychology be used for audiences other than therapists?

Yes, other audiences such as dietitians and other nutrition professionals as well as lifestyle doctors and lifestyle coaches can use it to make a quick diagnosis.

By learning to use some key basic elements of mental space psychology, these audiences, when setting a goal, can quickly identify which patients/clients will or will not achieve the set goal.

It takes a lot of time both, for the professional and the client to work on a goal where there is too much unconscious resistance. Clients then use their minds to try to reach the goal against the unconscious. Usually, clients then build up even more resistance than they started with. The result is frustration and distrust in the counselor, they quit or go to another counselor.

In the case of client resistance, using techniques from mental space psychology will make diagnosis quick and easy.


Jacqueline Heemskerk-Scholten took courses in hypnotherapy, NLP, constellations, and the Social Panorama in the early 1990s. In her practice in Katwijk, she mainly treats adults with burnout, insecurity, anxiety, depression and eating problems. She is a member of the IANLP and the NVNLP.

In 2017, Jacqueline became a board member of the Society for Mental Space Psychology (SOMSP), where she is involved in social media, research and the organization and supervision of trainings by Lucas Derks.

She translated the MSD-1, Mental Spatial Diagnosis, into Dutch

Jacqueline has conducted research on eating problems and obesity in mental space and its treatment, the report of which was published in the book, released in Spring 2022, "NLP in Clinical Settings, theory and evidence-based practice" edited by Lisa de Rijk, Richard Gray and Frank Bourke. She developed a two-day workshop MSP - eating patterns, binge eating and obesity, for hypnotherapists and NLP coaches and the workshop MSP for nutritionists.
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