Jacques Lacroix & M. Isabel Fuster López

“Making emotional impact less important.” 

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There are some events in life which are easily to handle. We have the power and the ability to change and/or to solve them. For example: If I want to cook something, and I see that one ingredient is missing, I have many options to solve the situation. For example: asking a neighbor if she or he could help us with the missing ingredient, or going and buying it or simply replacing it with another similar one if possible. I could also decide not to cook at all yet and prepare it in another opportunity, and my normal life remains more or less OK.

It could happen that when noticing the missing ingredient one feels a little bit upset, but knowing that there are many possible solutions, all of them depending on ourselves or only partially on others, the initial feeling can disappear rapidly. We say, in such a case, that the emotional impact of such an event is minor and not lasting for a long time.

But there are other events, which are very difficult to change from our side. You will surely remember what happened a bit more than 2 years ago.

What was considered a far event from the western perspective was soon declared as a pandemic by the OMS. The daily routine was turned upside down. The "theme" was installed, generating an undeniable emotional impact. The main difference to the issue mentioned at the beginning is that we hardly had any chance to change anything on our own. The external restrictions were too hard and not changeable by the individual.

At the time this happened, the question was . . . Where did it get installed? In the media only? Was it not also lodged in our minds, and if so, what emotional impact did this have?

These questions moved me to look for alternatives. Coincidentally, a short time ago Dr. Lucas Derks also openly asked what techniques we were using to help people who were psychologically overwhelmed by this new external phenomenon.

It was the time to develop a new technique considering the new external conditions. Thus it was necessary to have a clear idea about the requirements and the objectives which should be accomplished in order to design the corresponding technique. This is the developmental process I initiated in October 2020 and presented detailed in the first conference of the SOMSP.

Now, these external conditions relaxed a lot. We have gone back nearly to the former normal. But then a new question arose: would it be possible to apply this technique to other issues, which will be not so strong as a worldwide declared pandemic, but very similar in structure? Having now again the possibility to use it in a life coaching session, what would happen when applied in a normal, face to face coaching session? Here is the point where Maria Isabel was willing to explore this.

So, in the first part I will show how a developmental process could look like, based on the process I myself went through in 2020.

After that, Maria Isabel will tell us her experiences with the data she has already began to gather, to find out if there are further applications of this technique in real cases.

Together we will draw some conclusions out of this and invite the audience, as far as the time allows us to do it, to make questions and give us feedback.


Jacques Lacroix

He originally graduated from the German-Argentinian Chamber of Commerce (Cámara Argentino Alemana de Comercio) with a degree in Bilingual Industrial Business Administration (German-Spanish). He then successfully completed his studies as a Bachelor in Systems at the University of Belgrano in Argentina. He also obtained the title of "Staatlich Geprüfter Übersetzer für die Spanische Sprache" (Sworn Translator for the Spanish Language) from the SDI (Sprachen und Dolmetscher Institut in Munich) in Germany, where he lived for many years and on several occasions.

He is a Trainer in NeuroLinguistic Programming by the DVNLP and the EANLP, as well as Master in Hypnosis and Hypnosis Coach by the Thermedius Institut in Germany and Systemic Executive Coach by the FernUni Hagen (University of Hagen, Germany). In addition to this, he holds qualifications as Identity Compass Consultant (Identity Compass International) and Awareness Quotient Practitioner (Cognilibro).

As a Social Panorama Consultant and Trainer for the Spanish-speaking world he founded PANSOC, the first venture for spreading of Dr. Lucas Derks' Social Panorama Model in the Spanish-speaking world.

He is also the founder of the first Spanish-language branch of the Academy of Mental Space, based in Spain. As one of the most active ambassadors of the SOMSP, he supported many of the colleagues around the world and proposed new ambassadors in the Spanish speaking world.

He translated the book Mental Space Psychology by Dr. Lucas Derks, which is now accessible in Spanish under the title “Psicología del Espacio Mental”, and the MSD-1 (“Diagnóstico Espacial Mental-1”) of the SOMSP, as well as other books from other developers (“EmotionSync” of Dr. Christian Hanisch and “Getting People Right” of H. Arne Maus).

His work led him to become co-founder of the brand new Adult Development Institute in 2022.

María Isabel Fuster López

María Isabel Fuster López works as life and mental Coach, applying her knowledge to teaching languages and accompanying people in their transformation and in overcoming their fears. She also translates books into Spanish and into Italian.

She has worked as tutor in the Open University in Spain for 13 years; now living in Italy she prepares tailor-made courses for self-employed professionals in English and Spanish.

For 27 years she worked for the Public Administration always working in contact with people and realizing about communication problems.

Very young she had taken her degree in English Language and Literature and also a Master’s degree in English translation and interpreting. More recently in Italy where she lives since 2018, she has studied a Master of Arts in Counselling and Coaching skills in professional and organisational contexts.

Since 2015, when she discovered NLP, she has become:

  • NLP Trainer
  • IANLP Fellow Member Trainer.
  • Coach Wingwave®
  • Coach Wingwave® online
  • Master Practitioner in Lab Profile®
  • Trainer in Magic Words.
  • Social Panorama Consultant

In 2020 she has been awarded the third prize with particular recognition in the Wingwave® Coaching Awards in Hamburg and in 2021 she became Ambassador SOMSP in Italy.

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