Lisa de Rijk

“Trauma and dissociative representations in space” 

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We are all familiar with the notion of flight, fight and freeze responses in a trauma context. Each of these presuppose that we will experience hyperarousal and try and leave a space – flight; move further into a space – fight; or stop moving in space – freeze. These can be associated or dissociated positions. Equally, there is a fourth reaction, that of passive immobility. A hypo-arousal position. 

NLPt Trauma Therapy approaches offer a reframe of trauma experiences through space and time.  This presentation will highlight the key constructs in mainstream NLP processes that will facilitate reframing of trauma. This will be illustrated with some cases against the backdrop of clinical evaluation studies.


Lisa de Rijk PhD, is a Psychotherapist, Visiting Research Fellow Kings College, London, Registered Nurse and Master Trainer of NLP. She is Director of Awaken Consulting & Training Services Ltd, and Awaken School of Outcome Oriented Psychotherapies Ltd, a UKCP Member Organisation. Lisa has published many books, research articles and papers on Neurolinguistic Psychotherapy and has just completed the first Randomised Clinical Trial comparing an NLP Trauma therapy with TF-CBT.







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