Mai Bassal

“Social Panorama with Teens to Help Handle Peer Pressure & Empower Self-Image” 

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Presentation description:

* Some teens attend the coaching sessions with pre-set judgement of how they should/must look like, act like or be. Those judgements are mostly set by their peers or a poor self-image they have about themselves. Using Social Panorama techniques, along with explicit cartoon images of how it feels like/perceived by them, helps normalize the size they give to others opinion about themselves, and how they act and respond to such opinions in public, as well as their internal representations of it.
* Dealing with teens and kids for over 20 years, Mai is ready to share: all the tips and tricks used with this age that makes it work effectively, along with the difference that makes the difference handling this age.


Mai Bassal is a Teens & Kids Life Coach and Trainer. 
* Started studying and using NLP techniques and other self-development trainings since 2010.
* Been in the field of Education and Training since 2002.
* Been certified from different institutes and schools of coaching.
* Believes that people deserve to live a happy successful life, since the tools to do so are available & accessible.
* Foresees an awesome future with our precious kids leading the way, driven by their highest intentions & reaching their full potentials.

* A mom of 3 young men whom she adores; a 20 years, a 17 years & a 15 years old. 

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