Maria Manuel Mendes

“Mental Space Psychology seeds and flourishment’s

in Portugal” 

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Presentation description:

Mental Space Psychology (MSP) has been spreading in Portugal, namely through certifications in Social Panorama for several years, by Lucas Derks. Some NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) Trainers also introduce the subject and some tools in their Basic, Practitioner and Master courses. Each of us integrate the concepts and techniques in their own way and apply it in specific contexts, such as corporate, sports or individuals. One of the topics approached in this communication is about sharing some practical examples of what's being done in Portugal, in which contexts, with what results and how MSP enriches our work and our clients’ lives.

In Portugal, within psychology field there is a permanent search for scientific data and evidence-based tools. Having access to a community of people working with MSP is a privilege and an opportunity to develop studies that reinforce and corroborate this powerful and transformative approach. Not having the all the answers, some questions and possible pathways on how can we contribute to the consolidation, development, and growth of MSP will be shared and discussed, including some food for thoughts, such as “how can we integrate and validate MSD-1 with DSM-5?”.


Founder of Ownrising® - Coaching &Training, works in the development of human potential in business context, personal and sports.

Graduated in Computer Science and Business Management, Maria holds a Master degree in Organizational Behavior and is currently attending a master in Psychology. She is also certified in several areas, namely:

  • Fellow Member Trainer IANLP; Trainer in Neurolinguistic Programming (PNL),
  • Coach - International Coaching Community (ICC),
  • DiSC® Consultant - Willey,
  • Consultant of Social Mental Panorama - The International Laboratory for Mental Space Research,
  • Conscious Leadership and Resilience, Robert Dilts and
  • Team Coaching Training, with Joseph O'Connor.

She started her career in Arthur Andersen/ Deloitte, where she nurtured a passion for human development and well-being, which led Maria to work as Human Resources Manager, at the Professional Rehabilitation Gaia Center.

She is a speaker in scientific and non-scientific meetings, and she is also the author of the Online Course "Communicating well with NLP", with SABE Online.

Passionate about sports, she was a gymnast for over 20 years, and participated in several national and international events.

Maria is currently the President of APPNL – Portuguese Association of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Ambassador of SOMSP - Society for Mental Space Psychology.


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