Nelleke van Houts

“Benefits of a logical scheme” 

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Presentation description:

Systemic structural Constellations (SySt®) and Mental Space Psychology (MSP)

are continuously developing their methodologies to generate activity and creativity in finding solutions. The solution of a problem results in its disappearance.

Both SySt® and MSP methods can be seen as communication tools.

People recognize other forms of communication apart from verbal and nonverbal language;

there are similarities and differences in all forms of communication.

Given that each person has resources, they both aim at (re)discovering and strengthening them.

Prof. Matthias Varga von Kibéd added new general logical ground patterns in SySt®.

The five logical archetypes he researched and choose are universal, they originate from the logic and the philosophy. There are numerous possibilities to access this five-animal scheme or parts of the scheme in practice.

The five animals are the chamois; the dolphin; the chameleon; the sea turtle and the phoenix. They represent our five human ways to act, play, develop, think, learn, observe, choose and decide. The scheme offers balancing, healing, unveiling future action.

The participants will explore some practical exercises and mini constellations deriving from both SySt® and MSP interventions. Amongst them are the use of their own hands as symbols in a constellation, for systemic gestures and as indicators of direction.


Nelleke van Houts is a host and trainer at SySt®-Nederland. From early on in her working career she became fascinated by the concept of 'as-if'. Drama became her profession. Many people experience and learn about life within theater and drama. Drama creates space to act and find insight and change with lightness and humor. In drama each encounter between people generates a field of discovery governed by the grammar of rules.

Nelleke integrates her experience as a therapist, facilitator and inspirator with theater and drama, SFT, NLP, MSP,  in SySt® Systemic Structural constellations.

Insa Sparrer and Matthias Varga von Kibéd, the founders of SySt® are her inspirational guides and teachers. Within Systemic Structural Constellations she find extensive depth in theory, form and facilitation


The grammar of SySt® serves 'healing' processes.  Using different formats SySt® enables the transformation of the client’s problem in a spatial-pictorial representation with symbols or representatives.

This process allows the participants to acquire additional information beyond

the verbal spoken words with the help of  the observable and distinguishable in and around their body:  breathing, shoulder movement, viewing direction, equilibriance. Rearrangements, additions and rituals with the systemic elements can provide indications for possible steps towards a solution for the client.

The common thread in her work is the creation of mental and physical space. When the options to act increase, the space will broaden for each and all of us. By acting out 'as-if' you implement an intention, you bridge the gap between desire and will (Ludwig Wittgenstein Tractatus Logico Philosophicus). The will becomes visible in the act.


Nelleke van Houts has remained in close touch with Insa Sparrer and Matthias Varga von Kibéd. Her text book  “Zicht wijze op ongedachte mogelijkheden” ("A way to view unthought possibilities" 2017 ) introduces their concept of systemic structural constellations and sets out its method.





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