Ralf Käppler

“Never stop development – Talent goes digital” 

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Imagine people could live personal professions, to do what suits them. How would it be if children at the younger age were recognized in such a way that they get the school inclination tied to their personality? What could follow for the motivation, mental and physical health have if we become clear at every point in our lives about our strengths, our competencies and also the space for personal improvement. Seven years of development time have gone into our toolbox. The psychological model in our talent diagnostics, the adaptation to mathematics, the scientific foundation all of this is closely related to the work of Lucas Derks. We show you where the journey can go to, when we use the mental space to spread our horizons.


Ralf Käppler | Patchworkfamilydaddy, bonuspapa, development assistant für students, sailor, craftsman and engineer, pattern maker, dyslexic, NLP-Trainer, 5 times SocialPanoramaConsultant😊 and CEO | But what's more, I'm a passionate person. A man who loves people and wants to help them achieve their fulfillment, who wants to make leadership succeed and help lead the world to a better place.







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