Mickey Berkal

Resolving Loneliness in Mental Space” 

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Presentation description:

An observation and experiential workshop, Based on my explorations in the clinic and workshops.  (90 minutes)

Loneliness is a psychological condition, as research shows, a person can be surrounded by people and still feel lonely, or be totally isolated and not feel lonely at all.

While examining loneliness as part of a bigger body of work that I am researching on Self–Loyalty, I've noticed that loyalty is usually driven by the need to be part of something, the need of belonging.

Needs can be considered as an "away from…" motivation, so looking at what are the prices one might pay for not being loyal, what came up most was that people didn’t want to be lonely.
From there I've discovered that there are 3 types of loneliness and started mapping how do they manifest differently on a person's mental space and what can be done about it.


In the workshop we will get acquainted with the 3 types of loneliness

How do they map on our Mental Space, and what processes can we do to help people resolve their feelings of Loneliness?



Mickey Berkal,
Master Trainer of NLP (by Dr. Bandler), Trainer of IEMT, Trainer of Psycho-Metaphorics (the Hebrew version of Clean Language & Symbolic Modeling)
Creator of an NLP based Coaching model "The feed matrix".

Creator of Communication-Aikido (A communicational skill's Training System for self-development)
One of the founding members of the Israeli NLP Association.

Mickey has over 26 years of experience in working with people in a private clinic and workshops, and over 15 years of training people in his NLP School: "NLP for a change - Success at first thought"
With Over 100 NLP Practitioner trainings, 24 NLP Master Practitioner trainings, 34 IEMT trainings, 21 Psycho-Metaphorics training, Training businesses and organizations Mickey brings a new and innovative perception and philosophy about therapy, clinical work and communication and Self-Development.




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