Roni F. Matar

“Provocations in Mental Space” 

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Presentation description:

“Provocations in Mental Space” uses a combination of different change work approaches that allows a practitioner to help clients in stuck states identify how they relate to and create their problems. That may be through the creation of personifications or objectification that represent their problem metaphorically. After identifying the problem’s form, the use of different provocative stances to challenge the beliefs and experience of what they currently think is their only way of being and interacting with the problem. This model is based on several real-life clients and the combination of the following models of change: Metaphors of Movement, Provocative Change Works, Integral Eye Movement Therapy, Social Panoramas, NLP, and Mental Space Psychology. Several case studies will be shared during the talk, and possibly a demonstration will be conducted if there is interest from the attending audience.



Roni Matar graduated with a BS in Biology and worked in the medical equipment field sales and training for seven years before transitioning to working in the personal change field.  Since training in several modalities like NLP, Metaphors of Movement, Integral Eye Movement Therapy, Social Panoramas, Mental Space Psychology, Provocative Change Works, and other modalities, Roni has worked with many clients on issues related to fears, phobias, anxiety, and emotional management. Roni is also a trainer of several of the above-mentioned modalities and trains therapists and coaches on how to use them effectively in their practices.




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